Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh yeah, I'm still rockin'

My allergies have been raging lately.  I find them annoying and aggravating.  Because I feel "healthy" and then suddenly the glands in my throat feel swollen and I'm gasping for self-esteem.

I've been really inspired lately.  I've been feeling particularly fresh and sassy and sexy.  Oh, fuck yeah.  It's because it's summer.  It's been a slow and lazy and, by intention of being literal and not politcally incorrect - fucking retarded.  Seriously, Seattle.  You're making me question all of my deepest passions.

I am so in love with my lover and our friends, I'm retarded.  It's such an amazing and liberating feeling.  I'm totally twitterpated by the creativity and passion and openness and love and the dreams.  Oh the dreams.  We dream too, and we'd be no where without them.

I'm drinking a concoction of rum, cocoa powder, coconut milk and agave.  Oh, and ice.  Yep.  It's da bomb.

I'm exhausted.  I'm writing without inspiration.  But I'm writing.  And that's my goal lately.

Love you.  Thanks for reading.

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