Thursday, May 24, 2012

Naps in the sun.

It was so hard to read.  The sun was reflecting on my pages.  But if I changed angles, it would have been right in my eyes.  It was one of the first truly warm and beautiful weekends Seattle had seen in a while.  The week had been a blur of scanning in photographs, coordinating family guests, and consoling my Mom.  Not to mention just barely beginning to grieve for my Dad.  I may never have the framework for grief, but I do know it was oto early at that point to even know what I was feeling.

I went out on Brad's balcony and sat back in one of our anti-gravity chairs.  A marketing gimmick, for sure.  It does not make me feel weightless.  It does, however, deploy my weight in a even way that feels good from neck to heels.  The weight of the prior week helped.

I couldn't read any more.  My eyes were crossing themselves and the words all blurred on the page.  I wrapped my sweater around my head, to avoid sun burn.  And I slept. 

Seattle does not always make it conducive to sleep in the sunshine.  There is usually a breeze that chills the sunniest of days.  It's a rare week in August that you can really bask and feel comfortable.

I was in heaven.  Brad was practicing saxaphone in his place and I was sleeping.

One of the best naps of my life.

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