Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like writing emails to yourself

I've been having tech issues for awhile now.  Really, I can barely recall the last time I haven't run into them.  It makes it frustrating to maintain my web based passions of sharing written thoughts and photos with the world wide webernet.  I have an older mac.  But is it really all that old?  It's a white ibook from 4 years or so ago.  I got it when I lived at the Queen Anne Youth Hostel.  It has the little glowing apple and everything.  I was dating a mac user.  I had several mac using roommates.  I owned an ipod and used itunes.  I was intrigued by garageband and i movie.  I made one song or so on garageband.  I've really only used imovie effectively for homemade porn.  So I'm totally over the apple allure.  It's trendy, hipster bullshit.  And it's unhealthy.  

I went to the Seattle Rep recently to see Mike Daisey's The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.  It's brilliant.  A one man show that tells two tales.  One of the uber-geek we've all become.  The techie nerds who just need the latest handheld devices.  Always needing something faster, better, stronger.  Tech addicts.  And then it tells the story of his journey to find out where iphones are constructed.  In China.  Handmade in factories.  Fingers placing each piece together.  People who will never use a functioning iphone.  

I've never been happier to consider myself part of the Cult of the Slightly Delayed.

I digress.  (Per usual.)  I should probably clean up my hard drive.  I should probably upgrade my OS.  I should probably even consider getting a new computer.  But I don't want to.  I don't need something new altogether, really, do I?  I should be able to get by with my current set up, right?  I mean all I really need is actually on the internet.  I need a computer to house some files - but really, those should all be in some sort of cloud these days.  I play music from pretty exclusively.  I'm over Pandora.  I just need an internet connection.  And I upload photos to a combination of Flickr and Facebook.  That's it.  Everything else is just gravy.  Catching up on google reader.  Finding something to spend money I don't have on at etsy.  Finding out I can save and always be stocked on coconut water if I subscribe to it through my Amazon prime.

That is the internet to me.  I don't need some fancy, new, expensive computer to do these things.  But then I try to download the latest version of Firefox, and it won't operate on my old operating system.  Photos on Facebook only show up half the time.  I'm constantly closing things and resetting them.  I could load blogger, but I couldn't post anything.  I just got that little circle-of-thinking icon in the middle of the "post" box.  Really?  Ugh.

I've had thoughts to write and damnit - I wanna write them!  So I'm emailing myself.  There you go.  Of course, instead of writing all these awesomely innovative, creative and insightful thoughts - I write about how fucking hard it's been to post them.

How meta of me.

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