Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My endorsement.

I have a few products I stand whole heartedly by.  I love them to pieces!  I'll talk you up a storm about them, if given the opportunity.  The thing is - these aren't things that people are always very comfortable talking about.  Hell, I'm not comfortable talking about them - if I'm not around others who are also comfortable.  But here they are.

Diva Cups. Oh my god.  These changed my life.  There are other menstrual cups out there as well, but these got good reviews when I was doing my extensive online research.  I ordered one online a little over two years ago.  I had been using Instead as a tampon alternative, but talk about an environmental disaster.  I felt huge pangs of enviro-guilt every time I tossed one of those in the garbage.  I was getting into reading about lots of little things you can do to "green up your life."  Lots of blogs and things out there.  I loved that I could use instead for longer times than a tampon.  And I liked that it didn't make my cootchie feel all dried up.  Cotton absorbs more than just blood.  It absorbs those natural lubricants the pussy manufactures as well.  

I love, love, love the Diva Cup.  I love that I only have to think about my period about twice a day during that time of the month.  I love that it's reusable.  I love that I don't have to purchase tampons on a regular basis.  I love that I can put it in before my period starts, to catch that first bit of blood before it ruins another pair of perfectly good panties. 

Some people might not love that you have to stick your fingers in your vag and take a good look at your flow.  I sort of love that too.  I love feeling at one with my body and my womanhood.  I love knowing if my flow is watery or thick.  I just love menstrual cups so damn much.

Diva Cups are liberating and beautiful.

Coconut Oil.  I first started buying it as part of a lose weight trend.  I'd read that having a little coconut oil gives your body good fats and having a spoon a day can help you shed pounds.  I actually think it works, to some degree.  I've since incorporated it into a lot of my cooking and eat lots of coconut products in general.  One evening, Huck and I were getting hot and heavy at my place and the lube I'd had (some organic stuff from babeland) hadn't been working out so well for us.  There we were, standing naked in the kitchen and thought - why not try a little oil.  Yes.  Oh.  Yes.  Coconut oil is an AMAZING, natural, sexual lubricant.  It's seriously amazing.  It's good for partner sex.  Great for masturbating.  It's wonderful all over your skin.  (Research using it with condoms.  I've read pros and cons.  Personally, I think you're fine, because of the type of oil it is, but I don't wanna promote unsafe sex.)

With regular lubes, I always feel a little funky after.  A little raw.  A little yeasty.  A little icky.  With coconut oil, I feel awesome.  I've read theories that it has natural anti-viral properties that help make it a safe topical for your nether regions.  I actually feel better usually after having sex with coconut oil than before.  And not just because of the orgasm.  But almost like my vag is thanking me for the soft, wonderfulness of the coconut oil.  It's fantastic stuff.

I use coconut oil as a face moisturizer daily as well.  It gives a glow/shine - so people who don't like a natural shine might not like the effect.  But I'm a bit of a hippy about these things and I think unrefined coconut oil is the best thing since sliced bread.  (Not that I eat sliced bread any more, but that's for another post.)  I've also read that it has a minimal, natural SPF in it.  I lather it up before being in the sun.  (Again, I'm not advocating for getting a burn, but I hate the chemicals in sun screen, so I avoid them and seek shade and moderate sun exposure when possible.  Yay for sun hats!)

Luvees.  This is a new one for me.  Like, literally they just arrived in the mail today.  But ever since I can remember, I get that little bit of "chub rub."  There's no glamorous way of putting it.  When I walk around with bare thighs, they chafe.  Over the course of a long day/evening of walking around in a skirt, I often have a painful, red, bumpy mess all on the insides of my legs.  Not.  Sexy.  I lose weight in all places but there.  There are lots of products on the market for anti-chafing and anti-perspirants that are supposed to help.  The issue of I have with them - they're still chemicals.  And then sweat off.  I've taken to wearing cut-off tights/leggings with skirts - which totally helps.  But - you don't have that free, breezy, airy feeling you get when wearing a skirt and minimal-to-no underwear.  Come along the thigh coverall by Luvees!  I like to think of it as the reverse garter/chap.  It just covers you up in that mid-upper thigh area.  And then... you can go crotchless if you want to!  Or you can wear whatever pair of sexy undies you want to.  They aren't tight or binding.  And they stay up.  I've only worn them around the house a bit.  I'm going on a trip this weekend, so then I'll be able to give them the full 100% endorsement.  But at just trying them on, I'm at a strong 95%.  Good bye chub rub!  Hello sexy, airy, skirty, liberated legs.

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